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Apparition of a New Flesh


Slaked permutation of guest and hosts Delirium bound koan propaganda suit The beast’s 999 yard stare Lechery and entranced gaze Sought the diversions in the process -An alkanost who sang him instruction The parasite masturbated as if he was a painter Producing off-white albedo rot -The sunbleached -Demonstration -Of -regression -And -obscuring -Constant -Curiosity about others A prophet’s final decree delivered Crown affixed to a child’s head In the insular sound of territory piss Hued in infinite shades of yellow and reds Possessed howls of unabated desire And the angels who visited, scried by contract Completed circle the accused convulses Mass ejection of heavenly injunction The introduction of mercury did absolutely--- nothing Unavailing -The sunbleached -Demonstration -Of -relapse -And -obscuring -Constant -Questions Purgatory joys scrawled and eclipses senses - Quantitative Pergamum catalog compulsion - Diminishing returns on various infinities Herod’s daughter - dances like Kali Sheatfish dampening - useless treatment Two witnesses sent from god to testify Shamhat arrives in the form of a barrister The pregnant moon ambles on maimed and crippled / ///bridge Small mammal predatory drives Reappears through many veneers The youthful fire of untethered curs Howl under heat, forever fanned Botched under Jupiter’s move Illustrated in the book of fixed stars Seed spilled, the sin of Onan Once a man as a beast Externalized heresy // Philoteus Unchained The sick treble of this deviant’s hand Depleted strontium Guru Self ionizing suffering Running through the gate of self flagellation A single occurrence Ad infinitum Augury released in Invisible stains Beast born to chromium soaked perdition steaks faded glory and bleached orifice Uncertainty in a time of subatomic deception Received in heaven, but now writhes in the elements, high purity graphite coffins made in the meantime.
Traipsing around golgotha Lead coated collectors rapping incessantly Dharma tumor coated jilted initiates mongrels lounge on the temple steps Many days lost to their inner tyrant Rapping at the gates of confusion Uncertain of what lies beyond the seal Hear the wet cough of executive success /Agares deployed on a fanatic’s whim Body retrieved, interred under the dunghill -- Treatment of the metaphysic, internal Patient padlock in mouth key in hand (Paracelsus - by Thurnessyor’s Quintessence) Plutonium sigils poorly painted Resurrection body irradiated In one’s Asmodeus penance Stuffing the donation box in Irkalla Vision blurred in funeral smoke Resurrection body irradiated, // Dusted off nitrates, black market swill Corpse unresponsive to the holy spirit Gamma scholars seek true formulas Madimi’s cloud coats the fine print Living 100 years in a night Brushing tongueless verses Laudanum’s joy -forever its slave Kings clutching the collection of forged tomes Thrice great ticker tape papyrus gauze Godlike handwriting embalms the flesh Latin phrases spat poorly through the folds Epistemological nausea Cosmic vomit of tenant poultry ///chrorus -- Treatment of the metaphysic, internal Patient padlock in mouth key in hand Plutonium sigils poorly painted Resurrection body irradiated In one’s Asmodeus penance Occult drug exposure suspicion Dusted once, funeral baked Resurrection body irradiated, // Self illumination deception They writhed in their ailments and ached for the missing doses A Jim Jones sleep for transmutation Writhing in the elements, begging for the doses Transmutation ///////
Test site: For the righteous fear of devils and the righteous fear of devils, the uranium tinnitus received from hearing His word filled me with lung spots and visions of an illuminated heavy crackling Jericho where we might sit and watch the screen projection and its faint electron flicker. I had put my faith in the flock, Deuteronomy 3:22, finely painted radium dials, unaware when the sword of damocles/ was about to sink into this idiot coven of abyss stench soothsaying and impotent falsehood transfixion. Inquiries evaded, currently, is this buzzing real? (sample) as the highest hosannas heaped on this dependent compound probability of total failure, water damaged books, lost initiates This world is rife with loss A loss that can’t be counted This life is riddled with malignance A loss that can’t be concealed This loss that creates this sect Discomfiture of the arrow of ra This fear that spreads unabated Expositional garbage casualty
You who are standing in a collection Judgment selection, sitting ovation Fragrant ache of stillborn baptism Inverted quarantine to a lesser cheops Like Clement of Alexandria Disease renounced for fear of torpor A body that sits in this cosmic curd Fat flesh sacks of creative gas Gilded pantomime sold golden Judged by Anubis carried by six Intentions dulled on the edge of days Supple perfection and transcendence Proverbs 6:25 Coveted done by multiple hands The great work is forever unfinished Detail in such fleshy toil / Barium ink abyssic portraits Atomic passages of sheer brilliance Recused in courts of profane majesties Creation? Universe prodded Pity for you who are below and not above Prima materia curated My taste higher than a French freemason’s Covalent bond cabal excess Nuda veritas draped on the furniture Statuesque forms waxing The flaw hidden under veneers of resin Body waste shrines under wormwood stars Gilded pantomime sold golden Judged by Anubis carried by six Intentions dulled on narcotic Supple perfection and transcendence Proverbs 6:25 Coveted done by multiple hands The great work is forever unfinished Detail in such toil -Square inscribed magic circular saw --- Understandable, likeness despised Made in its image, christ on penance Your wrist slashed with the Hanlon razor Self-loathing primer slathered A game of great reviled beauty Apprentice face rat hole pressed Eyeing the fruits beyond the fourth door An identity deposited useless ritual // A hobbled genius saunters past Brushed against the maker, Leaving the magister doubled over Deceived and humored -- Priggish features on unmade steps Grand diversions of an unbuilt mausoleum Preliminary models cast instead To the dire depths of a Lothagam pit The final sketch of the feckless model Misshapen, confused and full of ego Freak animal supremacy Aesthetic juried in grotesque silence? The ouroboros depiction resplendent Condemn the drafts of the seeds of Abraham Lip lick skimming the Gospel of Judas, animals, unimaginable, fatal flaw, dead inspirations
Mirrors stared at obliquely, critique, a libel in heaven, troubled by fifty-eight blood drinking deities,mastery over nothing as a way to liberation, refraining always now vocal chords nodules, pry yourself from the bullet wind images, attend a support group, To the highest providence? Or does one stand on the mountain til one is published, from pamphlet graphic designed by casual carcinogen imps. Time spent aborting drafts into the celestial void, feather stuffed with the final letters of the first word Poison addled ocean churned, time spent in windowless shrines, longing for Nanna’s radiance standing in the styx knee high in cryptocurrency Manichaen, mutant hounds speak of genetic imperfections while their affliction spreads through no fault of their own, the defense wounds, weakness is strength, desire for continued authenticity through death, cryogenic fantasy, reverse polarity, astral cadaver death spiral revelation from above, the observed now becoming the observer! Nothing but the stillness, a crumpled wind beckons, transhumanist abomination actualized


Mastered by Murmur (Black Grail)

This is a 5 track demo. As so to not contribute more plastic birthings, this will remain digital only. This release explores the nuclear transformations of time mutating isolation.


released May 14, 2021




DIVERGENT SERIES Boston, Massachusetts

\\Do Support Or Do Not Support//

Limited vinyl and cassette releases.


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